Bodega Weinert‘s origins date back to 1975 when its founder, Don Bernardo Weinert, fell in love with Mendoza and saw a business opportunity in the wine exportation industry. Bernardo Weinert, a Brazilian businessman of German origin,  came upon the remains of a winery and began the process of rebuilding it along with Don Raul de la Mota, with the ultimate goal of producing high-end, high-quality wines. Bodega Weinert’s wines are made in the traditional Bourdeaux, European style, experiencing prolonged aging in high-volume, older barrels. This results in wines with a fine, elegant, and distinct style. Hubert Weber, the winery’s chief wine-maker since 1996, assures the public that the winery’s unique masterpiece, a 44000-liter french oak wine barrel originally from the 1800s, is still in use.