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This site is a space where the consumer and the producer shake hands, share their stories and dreams. This original idea transcends the current market and goes a step further than just marketing and its intermediaries. Almavin is a platform that gives legal and administrative support to producers, thereby reducing the costs associated with intermediaries while improving the net gains of the producers.


With each purchase, the majority of the proceeds goes to the producers allowing them to invest in product quality, raw materials, innovation, sustainability and human resources for the benefit of all. At Almavin, we are also producers and we understand the difficulties associated with developing concepts in a market that is becoming more and more impersonal.

With this platform, we are proud to provide a mutually beneficial bridge to share the fruits of partners labors with the ever-changing tastes of today's competitive marketplace. From the roots of your families vineyards to the world's tables, Almavin "The Soul of Wine", will always be there.