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One Classic Bag

THE ONE CLASSIC BAG  is part of “VINTIUM GAUCHO collection" synonymous of tradition and culture in the wine world with a touch of youth and freedom within the colors.

I exude confidence. I was thought out in earthy suede, during the summertime I dress up in bold colors. I am as classic as a man wearing a 3-piece suit drinking a dry Martini at Piazza Navona.

This modern shift represents the first critical step in the fashion revolution amongst the social-cultural landscape of wine lovers.

These unique bags blend character with function, their lively colors and smooth suede makes this piece special, leaving you wanting more than ONE.

ORIGEN AND CAPACITY: They are unique because we blend character with function.

The ONE CLASSIC Bag has a strap of 1"-wide and 26.5"-long, made to carry in hand to prevent the bottles from touching your body while walking along. Our craftsman made sure the thread stitches blend in with the color of our natural leather.

ABOUT THE DESIGN AND LEATHER: The suede leather is one of the finest quality leathers, with the texture, softness and feel that will last a lifetime.

Hand-cut, and hand-crafted at our atelier in Buenos Aires Argentina.

The bags, made of natural leather, are characterized by their natural marks. They have  slight differences in colors and texture.

Special care is advised for treated colors, anything containing alcohol and derivatives can cause damage.

SOLUTION: The ideal solution to carry your valuable wine with you no matter where you go,

 featuring cutting edge bespoke design.

1 bottle
This bag is perfectly designed to carry 1 bottle of wine, 750 ml wine with various shapes and sizes. Red, White or Sparkling. The flap of 7.5 “ long and 3.5” wide and buckle, bronze or nickel with a very nice vintage look, will keep your wine secured for years time to come.
14”x 3.6”x 3.6” + flap + handle