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About Us

Almavin is a combination of two words in Spanish, Alma which means soul and Vin for wine. Producer  Marcelo Victoria , conceived this idea because they truly believe in nature and sustainability, and decided they must share it with the world.

Marcelo Victoria a Wine Producer is one of Valdencanto's Co-Founders. This is an extreme vineyard & Winery located in Pedernal Valley, San Juan, Argentina. Ex-Naval Aviator,  joined the Wine Business back in 1999 becoming Co-Founder and Sales Director of Achaval Ferrer's, one of Argentina's most renowned quality-driven Wineries where he stayed 15 years.

A space where wine lovers meet producers.

A unique farmer’s market experience where our curator, a wine producer himself, handpicks the finest products for you!

Only the high end, quality driven small producers are brought forward to market their products to you. They bring with them their natural products, organics, tradition and showcase with pride their will to transcend beyond cultural limitations.

Also, Almavin is a service catered for producers, so we give most of the profit to them. Providing them the sustainability they can’t find elsewhere.

At Almavin you can avail tending loving care wines with value since all our products are directly from the vineyard.

So, come experience wine shopping like never before! Get inspired by stories, explore passion, and discover the origin of the product you wish to buy.

All from the comfort of your home!